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Top Ten World Beers

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The top ten world top beers are: Budweiser, Heineken, Carlsberg, Corona, Odinger, Tsingtao Beer, Harbin Beer, Yanjing Beer, Snow Beer, Dali Beer.


Born in the United States in 1876 and entered the Chinese market in 1995, Anheuser-Busch InBev Group, the world's leading brewery manufacturer, is known for its pure taste. Budweiser beer has been developing for centuries with its pure taste and excellent The quality has won the favor of consumers all over the world, becoming the world's best-selling beer with high sales.


Founded in 1864 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, also known as Heineken, an internationally renowned beer brand, the taste is smooth and mellow, without the astringent and exciting taste, the world's largest beer exporter.

Tsingtao Brewery

Tsingtao Brewery uses high-quality barley, rice, fine hops and moderately soft, hard, clean and sweet Laoshan mineral water as raw materials. The original wort concentration is twelve degrees and the alcohol content is 3.5-4%. The liquor is clear and transparent, light yellow, and the foam is white, delicate and long-lasting.


Belgium's well-known cellar beer is brewed in the traditional brewing center of Leuven, Belgium. It has a refreshing taste and a slightly sour down-fermented Lager beer.

It is brewed according to the Pilsner style loved by the people of Eastern Europe. Under the operation of AB InBev Group, Time Beer quickly occupied 75% of the Belgian beer export share and became an international brand, sold in more than 80 countries around the world.

Snow Beer

As a beer brand chosen by Chinese consumers, Snow Beer has the story of "Snow First Brewing" behind the good sales. In order to better explain the brewing strength and level of Snow Beer and the pursuit and belief of brewing good beer, Snow Beer will open a batch of unique beer factories and invite the public to come and visit the experience.

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